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Todd HarrisI was born in Lethbridge Alberta, lived most of my childhood and teen years in Calgary, left for Vancouver for two years, and moved to Toronto in 1979, and have lived here ever since.  In the past, I enjoyed what Toronto has to offer, but over the past 9 years I find myself drawn to areas outside the GTA, where I plan to move to the South Central Ontario countryside sometime in the future.

I have been an independent documentary video producer for over 25 years.  Some of my educational documentary videos have been broadcast in Canada nationally, regionally and locally, and have been distributed widely to college and university libraries, as well as boards of education and public libraries.  I also produce personal video biographies and industrial, recruitment and instructional videos for various clients, including with the Faculty of Information  and more recently with the Cities Centre, Housing and Community Development, at the University of Toronto, where I produced a series of short educational documentary videos for them on the impact of deindustrialization, outsourcing, and globalization on neighbourhoods and communities in Toronto over the past 30 years. More recently, I produced a short video on the impact of Tower Renewal on high rise apartment buildings in the Greater Toronto Area from a two day workshop filmed by York University staff/students, as well as filming a number conferences/workshops at Osgoode Hall Law School and the Centre for Public Law & Policy, and the Political Science 50th Anniversary Celebrations at York University. Most recently, I was involved in the filming the Centre for Refugee Studies 2012 Canadian Association for Refugee and Forced Migration Studies Conference on
Restructuring Refuge and Settlement.

I have a BA in Economics and Philosophy from the University of Toronto, a MA in Political Science from York University, and am currently working on my graduate thesis at Osgoode Hall Law School for my LLM degree on Television Broadcasting Law and Policy in Canada.

Production Team

Todd Harris - Producer/Director

Todd Harris has been a documentary producer/director for over 25 years. His productions highlight various causes, where people are shown fighting for social justice. Some of his productions have been broadcast locally, regionally, and nationally, More recently, Todd has also been involved in producing personal video biographies and on-line educational videos for the college and university community.

Throughout the years, Todd has worked with a diverse set of professional film, video, and new media people. For this particular project, Todd’s production and post-production team include:

1. Michel Bisson - Director of Photography (DOP) – Member, Canadian Society of Cinematographers

2. Philip Hay - Field & Studio Audio Engineer

3. Rob Ruzic - Off-line & On-line Editor – CCE

4. Joanna Baker - Transcriptionist

5. Chris Jodoin – Production Coordinator

6. Natashia Fearon - Social Media Contributor, Administrator




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